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  1. Register/Account on Regatta Central (Regatta Central)
  2. Register/Membership USRowing and sign Waiver fee $9.95 via US Rowing (USRowing)
  3. Online Spring Crew Payment $600 via Website Registration Tab 
  4. Swim Test Certification.
  5. Colgan Crew Handbook, sign and turn in last page.
  6. Order Colgan Required Uniform Items - Online order via Website.
  7. Blue Card. Pick up from outside AD Student Activities office door.
  8. Virginia High School League (VHSL) Physical Form "Revised Feb 2017"
  9.  Online or  in-person concussion training
  10.  MS/HS Rules and Regulations: Read, Review and Keep for your reference only.

Spring Crew - To Do


STEP 1:  Insurance Waiver via US Rowing, $9.75
Returning Rowers who are already Members of USRowing (First-time members, scroll down): Go to
  1. Log into  Regatta Central Account and confirm information.  Make sure to remember to Add Colgan High School as a Team Affiliation. 
  2. Then confirm USRowing information by visiting  Click the “Members >” button in the “Individuals” box bearing the image of a rower.  Check membership coverage dates.
  3. When prompted for your Club Code, enter Club Code:“NY2E3" (if required).
  4. Select “Sign Waiver”.
  5. Fill in your USRowing member number and password. If you don’t remember them, use the “Forgot My Member Number” and/or “Forgot Password” links at the bottom.
  6. For Membership Type, choose “Basic Membership – Free (Admin Fee - $9.75)”.
  7. Update your rower’s member information.
  8. Pay the $9.75 Admin Fee when prompted.
  9. Upon completion you should see a green check mark over the word “Waiver” in the left margin. You do not need to worry about the yellow “Anti-Doping” triangle.
  10. Logout of the USRowing website.
First - Time Members to USRowing
  1. Create Account at Regatta Central -
  2. Fill out required information  and select Colgan High School as your Affiliate (code NY2E3)(if required)
  3. Then proceed to
  4. Click the “Join” button in the “Individuals” box bearing the image of a rower.
  5. Use same login information as was used on Regatta Central registration page.
  6. Enter your rower’s information and enter “Colgan” in the Club or Team Name search box.
  7. Select “Colgan High School” as your home team.
  8. When prompted for your Club Code, enter Club Code:“NY2E3”(if required).
  9. Click the green Search button at the bottom of the page.
  10. Acknowledge the Parental Consent popup by clicking “Yes”.
  11. For Membership Type, choose “Basic Membership – Free (Admin Fee - $9.75)”.
  12. Set your USRowing password and enter your rower’s information. You will need this password and your USRowing member number in the future.
  13. Answer the Rower Education questions to the best of your ability.
  14. Complete the online waiver.
  15. Select “No” to the question about competing in a USRowing National Team Selection Event. You can update this later if your rower is selected to compete in one of these events.
  16. Pay the $9.75 Admin Fee online when prompted.
  17. Upon completion you should see a green check mark over the word “Waiver” in the left margin.You do not need to worry about the yellow “Anti-Doping” triangle.
  18. Logout of the USRowing website.

STEP 2:  Online Spring Crew Payment via Registration Tab on
  1. Go to Registration Info Tab on  Then Select "2018 Spring Season Registration"
  2. Select "Available Programs"
  3. Click on “Spring Season Registration" button.
  4. If you have not completed the steps for USRowing and Regatta Central - STOP - Please complete and acquire USRowing Membership number prior to completing Season Registration process.
  5. Answer questions. Continue to next page.
  6. Complete your payment.

STEP 3:  Activity Bus (status pending) Permission Slip. Sign and return.
Whether rower is a car or bus rider, ALL rowers need to turn in an activity bus permission slip. Activities bus will drop rowers off at the boathouse, but parents will need to pick up rowers at Lake Ridge Park, 12350 Cotton. Mill Dr., Lake Ridge VA near the playground at completion of scheduled practice. No vehicles from rowers or families are allowed down at the boathouse.

Note: The reason ALL rowers need to have a completed activity bus permission slip is to cover them for away regattas.

For those requiring Swim Test - We are coordinating with Pool for a scheduled time and Date.  The Swim test form is located under resources or via this link.  Please have information filled out when showing up to conduct Test.  Be advised - No Swim Test on File - No rowing on water.

STEP 5:  Colgan Crew Handbook, read, sign and return last page. (Available soon)
Families and rowers must read, sign and turn in last page to AD/Student Activities office for Crew. The Colgan Crew AssociationHandbook covers rules and regulations, testing criteria, refund policy and team info.
STEP 6:  Order Uniforms - Live link to JL Racing with required Items. (You will be notified when the link is live for the current season)
Mandatory, if you don't already have one.  Required items include Unisuit, Long Sleeve Dri-wick shirt and Cap/visor be ordered by Feb 16th.  Optional Items will be available via JL as well as the Spiritwear online store.

If you still need to complete an emergency contact "Blue Card", it is available at AD/Student Activities office. Complete front & back by both the athlete and the Parent/Guardian. Write Colgan Crew on top corner of Blue Card.

For rowers who did not participate in PWC school sport this school year and did not provide us with a current Virginia High School League Physical "Revised April 2017" form previously this year. This "Revised April 2017" version is the only form that will be accepted and must bear your medical provider’s signature and be dated after May 1, 2017 to be valid. Keep a copy for your future reference.

If you and your rower have not completed PWCS's Concussion Training requirements this school year, you will need to do so.

-Rowers who HAVE previously attended an in-person PWCS High School Concussion Training session can complete their 2017-18 annual concussion training online, if they have not already done so this school year. Print, sign and turn in completed online certificate to the AD Student Activities office.

-Rowers who HAVE NEVER attended an in-person PWCS High School Concussion Training session will need to attend one session at any Prince William County High School to meet this requirement. Please note that both the student and a parent are required to be in attendance for the in-person training sessions. Ensure that you arrive at the school early because they close the doors when it starts and will not allow you to enter once the program begins. For your record take a picture of the form you are to fill out during the training session to keep for your records. After attending, the AD/Student Activities office will verify your attendance to us so you will not need to hand anything in to us.  List of times and locations of Training provided via this link as well as under resources Tab.

STEP 10:  FYI: HS Rules and Regulations for Extracurricular Activities
Per Athletic Department request, and athlete are asked to read PWC HS Rules and Regulation  pamphlet and keep for your reference.You do not need to turn anything in.

2 WAYS TO TURN IN PAPERWORK by beginning of the Spring Season

Don't wait!  It takes us 3-5 business days to process paperwork, so please be courteous and turn everything in by first day students hit the water.  This will give AD/Families/Us time to rectify any paperwork rejected or lost.  Here are 2 ways to turn your paperwork in.
  1. Rowers can take paperwork to the Activities Director (AD)/Student Activities office.  Make sure to write "Crew" on top corner of all paperwork, or tell them it's for Crew.  If door is locked, knock for entrance.  Someone is usually always there.
  2. Or rower and family can drop-off paperwork at the CHS Main Office/Front Desk, please put all paperwork in an envelope marked Mr. Huckestein, AD's Office (for Crew)'.

                    Please maintain a copy of all Documents in the event something gets misplaced

Colgan Crew Association, Inc.

13833 Dumfries Road 
Manassas, Virginia 20112
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